1. Do I have to be a Czech to be a co-author?

It is not necessary to have Czech nationality or to be a Czech citizen in order to become a co-author. The work is called “Czech Gratitude” because it originates in the Czech Republic and because one of its main goals is to connect Czech society across political preferences, social classes and age groups. However, anyone who sympathizes with these values or who likes the Czech Republic can become a co-author.

2. Can I send a letter of gratitude instead of someone else?

We do not recommend it. Everyone should write a letter of gratitude for themselves. Of course, we can help someone who, unfortunately, cannot write a letter for some reason and is interested in participating in Czech Gratitude.

3. Can I send more than one letter of gratitude?

Each co-author should only send one letter to avoid potential problems in the final count and attempt to set a new world record. However, in every letter of gratitude, of course, it is possible to give more than three reasons for which we are grateful at the moment.

4. Can my child who cannot write yet become a co-author?

This is only possible if the child is at an age when he or she is aware of at least the basic meaning of gratitude and is able to at least partially create the letter by means of illustration or by writing his name.

5. Can I make a video or voice message instead of a letter?

At the moment it is not possible, because the exhibition Czech Gratitude should be primarily displayed around physical letters. However, we are intensively thinking about this possibility and in case of great interest, we will enable it in the future. If you would like to work with a video or other digital media when creating a letter of gratitude, please write to info@ceskavdecnost.cz.
Thank you!
If you have any further questions or would like to support the “Czech Gratitude” project, do not hesitate to contact us at info@ceskavdecnost.cz

Thank you and good luck!

Česká vděčnost