I am grateful that .........

…we are setting a new
world record together

… I can become a co-author
of an exceptional work of art

… I am improving the quality
of life in the Czech Republic

Pravá ruka - Česká vděčnost
Levá ruka - Česká vděčnost

What is Czech Gratitude?

Czech gratitude is a collective piece of art. Anybody who lives in the Czech Republic or has a soft spot for it and wants to support it can take part. The main reason for the creation of the whole project is an attempt to connect Czech society and raise aware
– ness of the positive effects of a “feeling of gratitude”. An essential part of the project is an attempt to set a new world record. We aim to enter the Guinness Book of Records with Czech Republic as the place where the largest collective work of art in
the history of mankind was created. To do this, it is necessary to obtain 26,000 letters of gratitude that would become the material for the Czech Gratitude art installation. The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for the public holiday on October 28, 2020

Right now
we have

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letters of gratitude.

Thank you!

Join us


Anyone can become a co-author of the
work and exhibition Czech Gratitude.
All you have to do is write a letter describing at least 3 things for which you
are currently grateful for and then
sending or otherwise delivering the letter to the address below.



from 28 October 2019
to 30 June 2020


Česká vděčnost
(Jakub Jahn)
P.O.BOX 58
111 21

Let's keep our fingers crossed and above all... let's do it together, we will certainly manage it together.

Česká vděčnost

Support the project

Write a letter

Every single letter marks another step towards a world record and an unforgettable
exhibition. You can find the address where you can send your gratitude letters


There is a lot of beautiful work around the Czech Gratitude project, so if you feel like
helping us, don’t hesitate for a minute and write us at
info@ceskavdecnost.cz. We will contact you back and will definitely come up with something!


Create a website, shoot a video, print posters or buy an advertisement to get as
many people as possible know about the Czech Gratitude project and, above all, the
positive effects of gratitude, all of which costs money. If you want to support us financially, then we will be very grateful. At the moment, we are preparing a cooperation with Darujme.cz. In the meantime, you can write us at info@ceskavdecnost.cz and we will contact you back! Thank you.

Gratitude for children

Gratitude is a skill and as such can be learned. It is scientifically proven that if we experience gratitude on a regular basis in our lives, we are able to experience more intensely good experiences and, on the other hand, we are easier to cope with facts that do not please us. This leads to a gradual change in the way we look at everyday life, and so in the end we really start to see life more positively and more joyfully. With gratitude exer cises and games, we can help our children develop not only this positive attitude to life, but also cultivate their empathy and kindness, increase self-esteem and build healthier mental habits.
That is why we decided to create a comprehensive program within Czech Gratitude that will help families and schools to present the concept of gratitude in a playful way. We are currently preparing materials that will be free to download. If you are interested in the Gratitude for Children program and would like to work with it at your home or school, please email us at info@ceskavdecnost.cz and we will get back to you when the materials are available.

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Contact and team

Jakub Jahn - Česká vděčnost

Jakub Jahn

Author of the concept
Czech Gratitude
Žaneta - Česká vděčnost

Žaneta Morovská

Marketing and PR

Dáša - Česká vděčnost

Dáša Andrejcová

Coordinator of “Gratitude for Children”
Jaroslav - Česká vděčnost

Jaroslav Novotný

Art Director

and team

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If you have any question that you have not found in the FAQs, or if you have an interesting idea or simply want to greet us, then write us at info@ceskavdecnost.cz and we will answer.